The story of K.C.C has changed so many lives I am amazed at the dedication, passion and willingness of our team to keep dreaming for more.


As we continue to grow, our heart is still very much focused upon 'giving the best to the least' to the children we adopt.  Kampala Children's Centre is a long-term investment in children those living at K.C.C and those in the surrounding villages. Through our service we aim to make a lasting difference in the wider community giving the belief and possibility of a brighter future.


Over the years we have built partnerships with governmental departments, local and regional communities that are strong and continue to grow. Some of the K.C.C staff are on the local Child Protection Board acting as advisers to Child Welfare departments and we are now recognised as a centre of excellence. Our hope is that as the children learn and grow, they will emulate our standards even greater.

Each day at K.C.C is full of surprises and we are always learning. There have been wonderful and exuberant times of celebration such as our first graduation! Each time we see a child grow and become free we have great times of encouragement as we see the progress and difference we are making. However there have been many times of discouragement when the injustice and poverty that surround us are so overwhelming, but it is this challenge that reminds us to hold onto the faith we have, that one life changed is indeed well worth the fight.

I can say from first hand experience that the children living at K.C.C now have a different story to tell; their eyes reveal one of new beginnings, hope, joy and life. It has been the most beautiful and enriching journey to witness this transformation and it is this that drives our passion. Kampala Children's Centre truly is a testament to God's goodness and the extent of change people can truely make when they join together to help those who are less privileged.

Arnold Muwonge

Director, Kampala Children's Centre