The Story So Far


"Our dream is to raise these frail, broken and abandoned lives and allow them to mature into empowered and self-sustaining adults, able to transform communities and generations to come."

Kampala Children's Centre is located in the stable region of Wakiso, just outside Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Founded in 2005 by NDE Network, we provide a safe and loving family home for some of the country's most desperate and vulnerable children. The foundational values of the centre are to 'give the best to the least' and restoring the lives of abandoned and forgotten children.The rebel war in northern Uganda left over 1.5 million displaced people. Meanwhile, HIV/AIDS claim the lives of thousands, leaving many children orphaned and struggling for survival.

Desperate poverty traps many living in the city centre slums. Children are suffering from malnutrition and are left vulnerable to child labour, violent, physical and sexual abuse. These are the children we are reaching out to help.

Some children come to KCC having lived in very poor conditions in slums and displacement camps where children sleep side by side on the floor under leaking roofs. Others are abandoned at birth, some even dumped in ditches by the side of the road or in pit latrines. We work closely with the police and local government officers who often contact us with desperate situations where young children need our help.

Every child needs love, security and acceptance and it is our privilege to give this to them. 
The children at Kampala Children's Centre can arrive at almost any age. The majority so far have been between five and eight years old, although more recently we have had some very young babies join our family. Each child who comes to live with us if formally adopted by KCC, so regardless of their history, they are no longer orphans but part of a loving and committed family. In our care, the children are safe and free from the exploitation, abuse and neglect that they would have otherwise faced.
Around 12 children of various ages live in a family home with their house mother. All children help around the home and learn to work and play together as a family.
We are re-establishing family environments where every child has adults they can look up to and brothers and sisters with whom they can form long-lasting bonds.