Life at Kampala Children's Centre

"Our vision is to give a lovinghome, education and a happy childhood; providing hope to the hopeless and a new start for the most vulnerable of children."
Access to education is an important part of life for our children at Kampala Children's Centre, something we may quite easily take for granted. To provide excellent schooling facilities we have established Destiny Bridge Academy, an on-site but independently run school with external qualified teaching staff. The kindergarten and developing Primary School already teach several hundred children each day, many of which are children from the local community in Wakiso.
We are pleased, that through our facilities and 
Communities of Hope sponsorship programme, we have provided education to our K.C.C children and to children in our surrounding villages, who otherwise could not afford tution fees.
We have plans to build upon the success of Destiny Bridge Academy by expanding up to secondary level, so that when the time comes our students will leave the centre to become active and influential adults in their community.To help this transition, our older teenagers are taught independent living skills alongside their academic schooling, we have also developed a carpentry workshop, recording studio and I.T resource centre where the youth can learn further practical skills.
Our goal to provide hope to our valuable children extends across providing quality education, into providing quality healthcare. Uganda has a very high incidence of disease, particularly HIV and malaria, so some children arrive at K.C.C in a very poor state of health.
Their physical well-being is of utmost importance to us, so we ensure the children receive regular medical check-ups. In addition, we have established a small on site clinic with a resident nurse who attends to the general medical needs of the children. We also have a vision to expand the healthcare provision we offer by developing a professionally equipped medical centre, which would offer medical help to the wider community.
Some children at K.C.C have very traumatic pasts and so counselling is available to help in their recovery. The children are encouraged to be active and take part in our performing arts and sports programmes which promote healthy lifestyles, positive attitudes and creativity. An example of which is our very own Destiny Africa Children's Choir, where our children can express their stories in a creative way; a valuable part of the healing process. Kampala Children's Centre is also founded upon Christian values and our faith is at the root of all we do. We endeavour to raise our children in a Christian environment and the spiritual development of each child is encouraged, but never forced.