A BIG Thank You!

28th July 2016


A BIG Thank You!
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A BIG Thank You
From Arnold Muwonge and Destiny Africa!

Dear Friend, 

I am pleased to write to you today to confirm that our wonderful Destiny Africa Children's Choir have arrived back in Uganda safely with their big KCC family and friends and that our 'I am Loved' 2016 Destiny Africa tour has been a success!

We have had a brilliant time touring Germany, Belgium and the UK raising awareness, connecting with dear friends and making many new ones. Our staff and volunteers have united together to support us to build more of the future we wish to see for our children.

It is for this extravagant support that I write to you today to personally thank you for your dedication, generosity and friendship. The tour really couldn't have been possible without your help. The children have returned home richer for being cared for and supported by so many and they have enjoyed a lifetime of memorable experiences. 

Our administrative staff will be taking a much needed rest throughout August, but we will be in touch again in Autumn to keep you in the know about Destiny Africa and Kampala Children Centre. In the meantime, our Twitter and our Facebook page are full of news for you to enjoy.

With deepest gratitude, thank you!

Blessings and love,

Arnold Muwonge 


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