Come and join the celebrations!

30th October 2014



Join our family as we celebrate a special time of year with our precious children this Christmas!
We welcome you to send any support you wish to give such as letters, cards and gifts to make this season full of wonderful memories and excitement for our children. Should you wish to send any funds our staff will happily purchase a gift for any child you wish to bless, we kindly confirm all funds can be received within our UK office until the 28th November 2014.

We do understand this time of year is very busy, so if you do wish to join in our celebrations, but can't get your gift in by our deadline, we will happily process your funds however it will be likely your gift won't reach the centre before Christmas.

You can send your gift by cheque to our UK office address and you can also send your gift directly into our account, both of which we will happily send over to the centre. Should you wish to send a Christmas card you can write your name and the child's name upon the envelope, then put the card in another envelope with the following address:

c/o Olive Batamuliza,
PO Box 36191

Thank you for the part you play in transforming our children's lives, we send our love and wish you many festive greetings.



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