Destiny Africa School Of Music

28th February 2017

At Kampala Children's Centre our vision is to provide a future full of hope and opportunity to those we care for. We are committed to the development and advancement of the children at K.C.C and those locally within the wider community.
We believe in access to quality education and a future full of opportunity. That is why we couldn't be happier to announce the newly developed Destiny Africa School of Music.
Situated in the local town centre of Nansana, Destiny Africa School Of Music provides one to one tuition to both adults and children. Offering lessons in guitar, violin, saxophone, keyboard and drums, the school provides a range of quality skill sets to those in the local community. We are thrilled to encourage the talents of Kampala and provide the tuition to invest into them too. If you would like to support the Destiny Africa School Of Music and keep updated upon all its progress, visit our Facebook page here


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