School Books Arrive At The Centre!

30th September 2016

School books arrive at the centre!
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New School Books For Desiny Bridge Academy!
The hustle and bustle of a summer that saw Destiny Africa perform and travel throughout Europe for their 2016 tour has safely drawn to a close. The centre has welcomed the children back home after a successful tour and returned life to its settled, Ugandan rhythm again.
Now in September, K.C.C's  Destiny Bridge Academy began its yearly intake of new students as the new academic year begins and teachers greet their new classes. 
Children have enjoyed their summer break and the centre has entered its new season to a great start as it recently received generous donations of oxford dictionaries from Raleigh School. Both head teacher and students alike welcomed the abundant donation with excitement and great thanks to busily begin using their new books right away.
We are excited to see what this next academic year holds in store and what great successes both the centre and our students will achieve. From all teachers and students, thank you Raleigh School!


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