Frequently asked questions about sponsorship…

Sponsor a child to become part of a family at K.C.C
The 'New Hope, New Start' programme gives desperate children the chance to start a new life living at Kampala Children's Centre. Each child is formally adopted by K.C.C, and your sponsorship will provide all that the child needs to grow into a healthy, empowered and self-sustaining adult. As part of a loving and committed K.C.C family, their lives are being nurtured, healed and restored.

How much will it cost?

Child sponsorship costs £35.00 per month. When a child first moves into the Centre there are some administrative costs involved in the process of profiling the child before they are adopted by K.C.C.
This involves getting to know the details of the child's circumstances & family background, and taking the child to have their health status checked 
You will be able to build a personal bond with the child you support as you see them grow and develop over the years, knowing that your on-going giving is making a huger difference in their life.

What will this provide for the child?

Having been formally adopted by K.C.C, the child will live amongst a family of brothers and sisters with a house mother at K.C.C.
We are committed to providing for all of the child's personal needs: food, clothing, healthcare, schooling and educational supplies as well as fun recreational activities.
Initially we operated a 'one-child-to-one-sponsor' system, but with increasing costs and fluctuating economies, this has proved unsustainable. Most children will now have 2-4 sponsors.
As education and medical costs depend on each child's specific needs, we do need some flexibility to be able to cover these as changes arise.

Our commitment
Sponsoring a child is a significant financial sacrifice and we are so grateful to all our sponsors. We are committed to being faithful stewards of your giving.
  • We are committed to meeting each child's health, social & educational needs, nurturing them into empowered adult lives
  • We are committed to providing an optimum environment for the children to grow and learn in
  • None of the money from sponsors will be diverted to other aspects of NDE's work.